I make art in a few distinct styles. Though I draw a lot, it always feels like I don't practice enough. Have I developed an authentic, recognizable voice yet, like every good artist should? I'll let you decide.

The illustrations on this page are grouped by medium. Simply keep scrolling or use the links to jump to each section.

Ink + digital color

Over time, this has become one of my preferred methods of style and approach. I love the quality of lines drawn in real ink. And so much can be done with color and texture in Photoshop. Put the two together, and something magical happens.

With personal illustration I often let my imagination lead the way and try not to plan much. I am intrigued by the complex stories and subtle suggestions that can arise from a static drawing.

Ink + watercolor

For a while I focused a lot of energy on developing a watercolor style for the picture books I was creating. It’s rewarding work and the results are amazing, if unforgiving. Changing jobs, moving to a new state, and shifting focus to write a novel have conspired to push watercolor to a lower priority, but the development of an approachable, useable style continues as time allows.

Black and white

Sometimes monochrome still feels like the best way to go. The high contrast of black ink on white paper adds drama and mystery, like the illustrations in a vintage YA novel or well-read comic strip collection.

Graphite pencil

Wonder why my logo is a pencil and wrench crossed?

For many years I worked as an auto mechanic and had not mastered drawing in ink. After work or over lunch breaks I sketched in pencil. I still like roughing out ideas in graphite before inking (erasing the pencil lines afterword), a common method of creating for comics.