About me

I grew up among the wheat fields and dry pines of eastern Washington State, but I dreamed of the ocean. Much of my childhood was spent reading books, riding my bicycle, or wandering by myself. Late at night I could usually be found drawing, building plastic models of cars and airplanes, or banging out stories on a mechanical typewriter.

I studied liberal arts and design in California and Oregon, and worked for a while as a car mechanic before kickstarting a career in graphic design.

My home is now in Michigan with my wife Anna and our three children. We like to ride bicycles, read books, hike, swim, and talk around campfires.

Favorites (because I love lists)

Food: Sushi or toast, depending on the time of day.

Color: Pink and green (can’t pick just one).

Place: Wherever there is deep water—especially the sea.

Mobility: 1. Bicycle. 2. Walk. 3. A car that’s older than I am.

Tool: In order: Pencil, pen, eraser, sketchbook, steel wrench.

Other: Ghost stories, sweaters with holes in them, shabby brick buildings, empty parks, oncoming storms.

Folks I’ve worked with

Daimler Trucks North America
World Wildlife Foundation
Estée Lauder
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
Portland Art Museum
Sutter Home Wines
Ricoh USA
Portland International Airport
Territory Agency
Pop Art
Oregon Metro
Multnomah County DCHS
Oregon Film
Portland Bureau of Planning & Sustainability
Biocodex North America
Washington County
Jenny Craig
Nitya Wakhlu Innovations
Round Hill Pacific
City of Tigard
Archdiocese of Omaha
Coraggio Group
Context Partners
1961 Consulting
Archdiocese of Portland
Fixed Gear Gallery
Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Let’s get to know each other

Coffee or beer? (just email is ok too)