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[A little] about me

As a kid growing up on the east side of Washington State I spent a lot of time reading books, riding my bicycle, and exploring abandoned places.  

I studied liberal arts and design in California and Oregon, and spent time as a car mechanic and a wine press operator. As an independent designer I have worked with many great clients, and love forming lasting relationships with the people I work with. As a creative director I design and consult across multiple disciplines and teams to bring print, digital, and installation solutions to life.

Current and past clients include:

Portland Art Museum, Oregon Metro, JLA Public Involvement, Daimler Trucks North America, Archdiocese of Portland, Funnelbox, Nitya Wakhlu Innovations, SELF, Pop Art, Adidas, CLEAResult, Oregon Film, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, Round Hill Pacific, Portland Bureau of Planning & Sustainability, Washington County, City of Tigard, Multnomah County DCHS, Diocese of Omaha, Coraggio Group, Converse, World Wildlife Foundation, Intel, Context Partners, Parr Lumber, Wilderland Roof and Gutter

For a small selection of design work, visit my Behance page » 

My home is in St. Johns, Oregon with my wife Anna and our three children. We like to ride bicycles, hike, swim, talk around campfires, and spend a lot of time reading books.


A brief list of favorites:

Buttered Toast or sushi, depending on whether it is morning or afternoon.

Pink and green—but I mostly wear dark clothes.

Bookstores and wherever there is deep water—especially the sea.

Way to get around:
Bicycles and walking, in that order—and the bus if I have a book with me (I always do).

Pencil, pen, eraser. Sketchbook. Worn and battered automotive wrenches.

Ghost stories, sweaters with holes in them, shabby brick buildings, empty parks, oncoming storms.


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