Darren Cools

Illustrator, graphic designer, author

Hi! I’m glad you’re here. I believe in making things that are good for people, and I know you do too.

My passion for life-long learning and cultivating curiosity informs everything I create, and dedication to equity and inclusion defines how I show up as a collaborative team leader. You can view a selection of my professional design work on Behance »

When I’m not designing, I write and draw. Through novels, short stories, picture books, art, and comics, I tell honest human stories while trying to stay playful, entertaining, and above all, hopeful.

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I illustrated three books written by Julie Darling on computer science and hacking for kids—two picture books and an accompanying parent/teacher guide. They will be released in September 2024.

So much went into the development of these books, and I am proud of our work. I hope they inspire young people and parents, teachers, and mentors alike to explore, dream, and learn about the magic of computers.

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Since 2008, I have worked professionally as a designer, creative director, communications strategist, and illustrator. I have established and managed creative teams and workflow in both agency and in-house settings and maintained an ongoing independent client list.

My experience includes directing and designing for digital and print, branding, display, packaging, copywriting, and strategy/UX. To learn more, visit my LinkedIn or view selections of my work as a presentation »


Since my earliest memories I’ve been drawing. With pens, pencils, crayons, markers, sticks in the sand, anything I can get my hands on—though my favorite drawing tools are still the Mirado Black Warrior No. 2 HB and the Pigma Micron 01. Drawing is how I begin most creative undertakings, how I process thoughts and feelings, express ideas, and relate to the world.

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