Darren Cools

Writer, illustrator, designer, dreamer.

Since 2008, I have been a professional designer, creative director, communications strategist, and illustrator. I have established and managed creative teams and directed vision and workflow in both agency and in-house settings. You can view a selection of my design work on Behance »

In addition to copyediting and crafting key messaging for professional projects, I write fiction. It’s likely I will forever be in progress on several novels, picture books, and story collections at the same time. Drawing by hand is essential to my creative process, self-expression, and how I relate to the world (my favorite tool is a #2 pencil). In 2023 I illustrated three books on computer science for kids—two picture books and an accompanying parent/teacher guide—written by Julie Darling. They are scheduled for publication in 2024. I have a few t-shirts for sale on Cotton Bureau »

In everything I do, I strive to make things that are good for everyone. I believe informed design and clear writing are instrumental in helping people overcome barriers, discrimination, and uncertainty so they can achieve their dreams and reach their authentic potential.

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